Your appointment will last up to 40 minutes.

Firstly a detailed case history will be taken including questions about the symptoms you currently have but also your general health and previous medical history. The information you provide will be confidential.

You may then be asked to remove some of your clothing so the osteopath can examine you properly. If you are uncomfortable about this do discuss it with me. A towel can be provided or you may bring along some loose shorts to wear. Alternatively you can ask a friend or relative to accompany you during your treatment.

You will then be asked to do some simple movements and stretches to enable me to observe your mobility and posture. Because of the body's structure, pain or stiffness you are experiencing in one area may be linked to a problem elsewhere.

The osteopath will then examine and move your joints and assess the health of the tissues, ligaments and muscles using their hands and a highly developed sense of touch called palpation.

You will then be given a clear explanation of what has been found (the diagnosis) and a treatment plan that is suitable for you will be discussed.

It may be decided that you would benefit from a referral to another health practitioner or that you need to be referred back to your GP. A letter will be sent explaining what has been found during the examination and the reason for the referral.

Treatment is hands on and involves skilled manipulation of the spine and joints and massage of soft tissues. There will be an explanation of what is being done and I will ensure I have your permission to continue with treatment.

You may be given advice on exercises, posture and other aspects of your lifestyle eg- work station, car seat support etc.

Due to the physical nature of the treatment, it is not unusual to sometimes feel sore or stiff in the first 24-48 hours after treatment. If you have any concerns, it is important to contact me and ask for my advice.

It may require more than one visit before your problem is resolved. Your progress will be reviewed at each subsequent visit.

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